Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raising Money

I have raised $250!!! Thank you so much for helping already. Thank you Ryon and Sarah, Jennifer, Nancy, Rachel, and Aunt Bekah and Uncle ClayDawg. That's cool that people I haven't even met gave money. My mom says that she went to high school with some of you and that Jennifer called my daddy 12 because he looks young.

Today I shared my 5,000 lines with my class at church. Next week I am going to share with middle school and high school. I feel very scared to share with older kids.

I lost my 7th tooth yesterday and I am 7 years old! The tooth fairy gave me $1. I am going to give it to the well. My brothers are going to do chores around the house to get money. They are going to give their money to the well.

I drew a picture so that I know how much money I have raised so far. Here it is:
Thank you so much for helping with the well.


  1. Erica Parsons PinerJuly 19, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    Dear Riley,
    I went to high school with your Mom also. My husband and I would like to help with the well. Tell your Mom to send me a facebook message with the address to send a donation. I am very inspired to see how you are doing God's work and loving the poor at such a young age! You are a very special girl. I will continue to pray for your well project and for you and your family. Great work!
    ~Erica Parsons Piner~

  2. Dear Riley,
    My husband and I went to college with your mom and dad. We are very inspired by your commitment to your wonderful project. We just made a paypal payment on the charity:water website. Good work and we look forward to following Gods blessings on your project and the kids that will recieve clean water thanks to you!
    Austin and Lara Watson

  3. Hahaha- I think it's funny that you know I call your daddy 12 :-) That's so cool that you're going to talk to several schools about your project. Don't be scared- they're kids just like you, only a little bigger! PS- I love your drawing- awesome!
    love, jt

  4. Hey Riley,

    Grandma and I are so inspired by your heart for the children who need clean water to live. We have put a check in the mail to help with your project. When you come visit us in August we can serve together at Samaritan Soup Kitchen as part of your service ministry for the well project. You will be following in your Mom's footsteps from when little Sarah Ford and I served the hungry and poor people at Samaritan many years ago. We cannot wait to see you and your family.
    Love...Big Dad